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Speech Analysis Corporate Communications

Question: Talk about the Speech Analysis for Corporate Communications. Answer: Presentation: If there should be an occurrence of any open discourse, it is basic that the speaker can ingrain profound respect and move wonderment in the brains of the audience members. The discourse should indelibly affect the brain of the audience members, so they can be convinced to act as per what the speaker advises them to do. While Hilary Clinton was being designated for the Presidential appointment of the US, as an agent of the Democratic Party, she was being required to offer a discourse to persuade general society to cast a ballot her and pick her over Trump. Thus, it is critical to break down the talk style of Clinton to appreciate the manner in which it had motivated and impacted the majority the evening of December, 2016. While conveying any discourse, Ethos is a significant angle that causes the speaker to persuade the audience members that whatever she is stating is naturally evident and worth contemplating. In the discourse of Clinton, it isn't only her certain appearance or just keen signal or even the compelling last name that moves trust in the majority. Or maybe the speaker embraces an expressively influential style (Jay). She begins her discourse by acknowledging Obama, rather than educating the individuals regarding her own mastery. She attentively decides to appreciate the previous President, the individual from her own gathering, and in this manner while remaining humble before people in general, she effectively persuades them about the integrity and solid administration of the Republic Party. This aides in making her success believability without a moment's delay. Also, Hilary Clinton continues utilizing the word we, advertisement states how we, the compatriots together will take America t o a fresh start (Gallo). This enables the speaker to shape passionate compatibility with the audience members. Indeed, even while censuring Donald Trump for wising to isolate USA from the remainder of the world the speaker says He needs to partition us . This causes her structure a nearby relationship with the audience members, and makes them mindful how the maxim of the Democratic Party is lined up with the interests of the general population. While the component of influence is a significant perspective in an open discourse, a speaker ought to have the option to genuinely associate with and bid to the brains of the crowds. This quality is known as Pathos (Coopman). In the discourse of Hilary Clinton, Hilary continues utilizing the word we and our and us that encourages her discourse bring out confidence and compassion in the brains of the crowd. Clinton was very much aware that she was originating from a powerful family, and subsequently the crowd may have difficult time in framing a passionate interface with her. This is the reason the speaker clarifies how she herself has originated from a standard family, battling its approach to progress. She clarifies how it is just through solidarity and shared love, has her family had the option to guarantee great life for the individuals. So as to summon a forceful passionate reaction in the audience members, in a narrating style, the speaker delineates scenes describing how she h as helped the kids with inabilities that had gone to her looking for her money related help and mental help (Wang). The manner by which she depicts in incredible detail referencing the age and name of the kids she has helped, and what has inspired her to do as such, imparts amazement in the crowds mind. Logos is similarly significant as it enables the speaker to convince the crowd by giving them adequate coherent clarifications for the equivalent (Dlugan). Hilary Clinton effectively utilizes authentic models whereby she alludes to how her gathering has functioned for the Childrens Defense Fund, while additionally alluding to genuine instances of the people profited, for example, Ryan Moore and Lauren Manning. She additionally alludes to individuals like Lauren and Debbie, who had been harmed in the 9/11 assault and had been along these lines profited by the social government assistance projects of Hilary Clinton. Once more, the point of vision is a significant property that is likewise present in the discourse of Hilary Clinton. She attempts her best to introduce her perspective with respect to how the standard of her adversary Donald Trump would just achieve obscurity and vulnerability in the US. In any open discourse, the edge of vision of the speaker ought to fundamentally expect to line up with the thought processes and interests of the general population. Be that as it may, this is here does Clinton pass up a great opportunity quite a bit of her chance to persuade the crowd (Baccarani). Despite the fact that she presents her edge of vision, by talking about how her gathering and she herself has been associated with numerous open government assistance exercises, she neglects to feature the imperfections of Donald Trump. To close, it ought to be recalled that Hilary Clinton receives a profoundly enticing and smooth style that encourages her structure an enthusiastic interface with the audience members. Despite the fact that her discourse can't be viewed as perfect, it blends feelings and motivate wonderment among the crowd. Reference List: Jay, Samuel M. The Capable American: Ethos, Pathos, and the Governance of Education.Rhetoric in Neoliberalism. Springer International Publishing, 2017. 87-107. Dlugan, Andrew. Ethos, tenderness, logos: 3 mainstays of open speaking.Six Minutes. Last changed September2 (2013). Coopman, Stephanie J., and James Lull.Public speaking: The developing workmanship. Cengage Learning, 2014. Baccarani, Claudio, and Angelo Bonfanti. Compelling open talking: a theoretical structure in the corporate-correspondence field.Corporate Communications: An International Journal20.3 (2015): 375-390. Wang, Xueyu. Offers to Ethos and Pathos in Post-Crisis Communication: A Case Study of Press Conferences Handling Tianjin Blasts.International Journal of English Linguistics6.1 (2016): 100. Gallo, Carmine.Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World's Top Minds. Container Macmillan, 2014. Hillary Clinton's DNC Speech. 226410: Politico Staff, 2016. video.

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Every AP Chemistry Practice Test Available Free and Official

Each AP Chemistry Practice Test Available Free and Official SAT/ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips What's the most ideal approach to read for AP Chemistry? Practice, practice, practice. This article will furnish you with connections to each training test and test for AP Chemistry that is accessible web based, including full official and informal tests, shorter tests that spread every theme territory, and other prep administrations you can access with a membership! Official AP Chemistry Practice Exams Official tests are the best practice materials since they assist you with making precise forecasts of your presentation on the genuine test. They will likewise get you used to the test design with the goal that you're not found napping by the structure of the last test of the year. Lamentably, for AP Chemistry, the majority of the accessible authority practice materials are for the old rendition of the test (pre-2013), yet these can at present be valuable for training. You ought to have the option to get more up to date practice tests from your educator or through audit books. I'd suggest beginning with the informal practice materials recorded later on in this article and afterward utilizing official tests in the last phases of your considering. That way you'll be in the best situation to appraise your definitive AP score, and you won't waste restricted assets. Need to get an ideal 5 on your AP test and An in class? We can help. PrepScholar Tutors is the world's best coaching administration. We consolidate world-class master coaches with our exclusive educating strategies. Our understudies have gotten An's on a large number of classes, ideal 5's on AP tests, and incredibly high SAT Subject Test scores. Regardless of whether you need assistance with science, math, English, sociology, or more, we have you secured. Show signs of improvement reviews today with PrepScholar Tutors. Old Official Released Exams: 2008 AP Chemistry Exam 2002 AP Chemistry Exam (different decision as it were) 1999 AP Chemistry Exam 1994 AP Chemistry Exam These official tests originate from before 2013 (when noteworthy changes were made to the AP Chemistry educational plan), so they're designed somewhat uniquely in contrast to the present test. They have 75 numerous decision questions (there are currently 60) and six free-reaction questions (there are presently seven). There are likewise five answer decisions for each numerous decision question, though now there are just four. The old AP Chemistry test stressed computations and verifiable information over a solid comprehension of essential ideas and authority of logical practices. The inquiries on these tests will in any case assist you with rehearsing your aptitudes; simply ensure you additionally utilize later materials for an exact see of what's in store on test day. Current AP Chemistry Course and Exam Description (numerous decision practice included) Go to page 126 of this course portrayal to audit test numerous decision and free-reaction inquiries for the present test. This is anything but a full practice test (it just has 26 various decision questions and four free-reaction addresses complete), yet it's legitimately from the College Board, so it's the most exact portrayal of the configuration and substance of the test in 2016. Free-Response Questions 2014-19 These free reaction questions are from the most exceptional rendition of the test. I would instruct you to spare most with respect to them for later on in the year when you're progressively genuine about rehearsing for the genuine AP test. There are seven inquiries from every year. Free-Response Questions 2006-13 These free-reaction questions are from the old variant of the AP Chemistry test. As I referenced in my depiction of the obsolete practice tests above, you'll notice that there used to be sans six reaction inquiries on the test rather than seven. You ought to likewise realize that the inquiries that pose to you to compose adjusted conditions are not on the new form of the test (doesn't mean they're bad practice, however!). Practice Tests from Your Teacher Since there aren't any full AP Chemistry practice tests accessible online that mirror the present organization of the test (well, any that I can legitimately connection to in this blog entry), you can likewise approach your educator for extra practice materials. AP educators approach additional training tests from the College Board that are accessible for homeroom use. Goodness, you need more practice tests? Perhaps you ought to have thought of that before you intruded on the entirety of my talks with pointless inquiries regarding when I'm anticipating breaking terrible. I don't watch that appear, Eric. You are a bad dream. Informal Free AP Chemistry Practice Exams There are likewise a lot of informal assets for AP Chemistry practice inquiries on different internet learning stages and autonomous locales. Not many of these offer total tests in a similar configuration as the genuine test, yet they do give an enormous archive of training questions (fundamentally different decision). These are extraordinary in case you're searching for inquiries in explicit point territories or are concentrating from the get-go in the year and need to maintain a strategic distance from specific ideas that you haven't learned in class yet. Simply be careful about utilizing these assets a lot in your examining, and ensure you supplement them with legitimate College Board materials at standard interims. Informal practice questions frequently need a considerable lot of the subtleties of genuine test questions. In a great deal of cases, they will test direct truthful review while on the genuine test you'll need to accomplish progressively complex investigations of new exploratory situations. Barron's AP Chemistry Practice Test This is a full test in a similar organization as the forward-thinking AP test (free reaction what not!). There's programmed web based scoring for various decision questions, and free-reaction answers are given so you can check your reactions. Varsity Tutors Diagnostic Tests There are six indicative tests here with 50-60 inquiries each at different trouble levels. You'll additionally be planned as you step through the exams so you can show signs of improvement feeling of your pacing. Questions are various decision just, so this won't give you any free-reaction practice. I'd likewise suggest evaluating their AP Chemistry practice application (it's free). Albert Quizzes This site incorporates tests for every idea separated by the Big Ideas of the course. This site will keep tabs on your development and mention to you what level of inquiries you got directly from every trouble level (questions are sorted out into simple, medium, and hard classifications). You can likewise access more than 200 extra inquiries, including free-reaction, on the off chance that you pay $25 to set up a record. ScienceGeek Here you'll discover huge amounts of audit questions and exercises, with protracted practice tests for every unit of the course. This is one of only a handful hardly any assets that has non-different decision addresses that you can check naturally on the web. PracticeQuiz This test incorporates 58 free AP Chemistry practice various decision questions. ChemmyBear There's a ton of stuff here, yet in case you're simply searching for training tests, you can discover them toward the finish of the rundown of assets for every unit. There are different decision and free-reaction tests for most units with going with answer keys. Chemmy bear? As a matter of fact, there is some fascinating science behind how sticky confections are made. Informal Paid/Subscription AP Chemistry Practice Exams Here are some extra assets that will cost you some cash, however they may be justified, despite all the trouble since they give full appropriately arranged AP Chemistry practice tests. Peterson's ($29.95) Two full-length practice tests (state-of-the-art organization and substance) Answer clarifications Consequently mentions to you what you despite everything need to contemplate dependent on your outcomes 90-day get to Authentic Test Prep (cost shifts) On this site, you can purchase singular practice tests for every point in AP Chemistry. Every one of them together expense nearly $100, so that probably won't be possible, however you can get each particular practice test for under $3 each (most have around 60 inquiries). You can likewise simply get the Sterling book of training questions, which numerous understudies appear to discover accommodating. Audit Books (cost fluctuates) Audit books can be incredible assets on the grounds that a significant number of them remember guidelines for how to structure your reading for expansion to centered substance diagrams. For AP Chemistry, I prescribe the 5 Steps to a 5 and Crash Course books. You can tap on the connection in the title of this segment to peruse my full article on the best survey books for this course. You can likewise get audit books as digital books on your Kindle or whatever, however that is a lot harder to speak to outwardly. Do you all even realize what you're taking a gander at here? Do individuals younger than 20 despite everything read physical books? Need to get an ideal 5 on your AP test and An in class? We can help. PrepScholar Tutors is the world's best mentoring administration. We join world-class master guides with our restrictive instructing procedures. Our understudies have gotten An's on a huge number of classes, ideal 5's on AP tests, and preposterously high SAT Subject Test scores. Regardless of whether you need assistance with science, math, English, sociology, or more, we have you secured. Show signs of improvement reviews today with PrepScholar Tutors. Instructions to Use AP Chemistry Practice Tests Practice tests are incredible investigation devices for AP tests, and they're particularly useful for a subject like Chemistry that includes a great deal of figurings and exploratory examination. In the following couple of subsections, I'll reveal to you how to utilize practice tests all through the school year to get ready for the AP Chemistry test. First Semester: Using Practice Tests for Your Class It's not viable to take full practice tests during the primary semester of AP Chemistry since you haven't secured enough of the course material yet. Concentrate on legitimate free-reaction questions and informal theme explicit practice tests that address parts of the educational plan that you've adapted as of now. It's a good thought to begin early and do reliable audits with the goal that your insight base stays solid consistently. Since science is a

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Live Kernel Patching System

Live Kernel Patching System This is partially a plug for a friend of mine, but its also a really cool system that I think some of you might like. Ksplice is system for automatically patching a Linux kernel without reboots. Jeff Arnold 07, MEng 08 developed this as his masters thesis, and today released the system to the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML). Ksplice requires nothing more than the currently running kernel source and the configuration settings, combined with a patch to the source code, to generate a kernel module which, when loaded, can be used to immediately patch vulnerabilities or introduce new behavior. As a maintainer of, the SIPB Linux dialup server, Jeff has in the past used Ksplice to keep this server up, which many people on campus rely on. This really has the potential to revolutionize systems administration for high-reliability systems. Butdont take it from me. Take it from Ted Tso 90. Ted is an active kernel hacker who, among other things, developed the ext2 filesystem, the basis for the ext3 filesystem, which is one of the major filesystems used on Linux today. Heres what Ted says in ZDNets article: Top kernel developer and Linux Foundation fellow Ted Ts’o said the Ksplice software is much needed by telecommunications providers and anyone who hates downtime. “It allows you to hot patch the Linux kernel with a security update without rebooting the computer. It’s a binary patch capability that is highly automated,” said Ts’o. “Users in the carrier grade linux space have been clamoring for this for a while. If you are a carrier in telephony and don’t want downtime, this stuff is pure gold.” The best part? It doesn’t require any kernel modifications, Ts’o said. (Heres the LKML posting:

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Divorce - From Heaven to Hell Essay - 886 Words

Divorce - From Heaven to Hell According to recent statistics, there are more divorces now than ever before. At the rate things are going, the divorce rate may soon surpass the marriage rate. There are many reasons for such a high divorce rate, but one of the main ones is that people do not realize what they are getting themselves into when they marry. Couples do not realize that marriage is a job that must be worked at continuously in order for it to go well. Because many couples marry for the wrong reasons, a breakdown in communication results, which leads to a couples growing apart. This process, all too often, ends in divorce. People marry the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Of course, they seem to be the right†¦show more content†¦The frustration and the stress of all these burdens can be devastating to everyone concerned, which makes the situation all the more tragic. When people get married for the wrong reasons, they usually find that they have trouble talking to one another once the first bloom of passion starts to fade and they get down to the business of every day living. The problems probably are not as simple as whether or not he squeezes the toothpaste from the middle or the bottom, or if she prefers movies to basketball. Those kinds of problems can be fixed or compromised. They do not have to get in the way of the relationship unless the parties involved allow them to. The real problems are basic to any relationship. Each spouse has to know what kind of person he or she is and what he or she believes in and wants out of life. The spouse must then be able to communicate those beliefs to the other person. If this cannot be done, then everything is lost. When marriage partners stop talking and listening to one another, then arguments start. The arguments are usually over little things and stem from the frustration of not being ab le to communicate. The individuals then begin to feel isolated because they do not know what is expected of them or which way to turn. What they do is turn away from each other. They may not like what they are seeing in their marriage, but they dont have a clue as to how to fix itShow MoreRelatedHeave in Hell in C.S. Lewis ´ The Great Divorce Essay1010 Words   |  5 PagesIn his novel The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis depicts two settings: one of a grey town where whatever you want is provided for you and another of grand pasture. These settings, in the book, represent Heaven in Hell in a way, depending on which characters perspective the places are viewed from. However, the places that the main character visits and the journey that he takes is one that can be used to model the journey of our spiritual walk. Similar to how the protagonist starts in a bleak town thenRead MoreThe Great Divorce Essay893 Words   |  4 PagesIn The Great Divorce, the narrator suddenly, and inexplic ably, finds himself in a grim and joyless city (the grey town, representative of hell). He eventually finds a bus for those who desire an excursion to some other place (and which eventually turns out to be the foothills of heaven). He enters the bus and converses with his fellow passengers as they travel. When the bus reaches its destination, the people on the bus — including the narrator — gradually realize that they are ghosts. AlthoughRead MoreThe Book Hell 1472 Words   |  6 PagesDescriptive Answer: Is there a hell and why? This a question that has crossed every individuals mind at least once in their life. This philosophical question is important because it provides us with an answer as to what happens in the afterlife. In today’s world the idea of hell is sometimes hard to fathom. The horrific and disturbing images that have been portrayed through out movies, religious artwork, television, and stories have drastically influenced our perceptions of hell. It is even sometimes lookedRead MoreThe Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis567 Words   |  2 PagesIn The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis provides an allegorical description of a dreamers journey from hell to heaven. The Narrator of the book takes a journey on a bus from the grey town, hell, to just outside of heaven. While he is making this trip from the grey town to heaven, he converses with some of his fellow travelers. These travelers are all different, yet all have the mindset of not being able to leave the darkness of the grey town and go to the joy that is heaven. Through his talent in story-tellingRead MoreThe Great Divorce And The Screwtape Letters1891 Words   |  8 Pagesreligion and has a very good way of teaching about heaven, hell, sin, and temptation in a way that is different from all other writers. In life people face struggles that can cause them to have hatred or be depressed. C.S. Lewis talks a lot about temptation and not being able to find God in one’s life. In the novels The Great Divorce and The Screwtape Letters he takes his readers on a ride of sadness, depression, and hatred. In The Great Divorce, it is all about being lost and showing how hardRead MoreThe Postmodern Idea Of Relative Truth1771 Words   |  8 Pagesstories. The postmodern idea of relative truth is the main concept that comes under fire, with its subsets (such as moral ambiguity and anti-absolutism) being engaged as well. In the Great Divorce, heaven is described in extremely concrete ways. Everything there is as hard as diamonds, while the people visiting from hell are ghostly and vapid. In these descriptions, Lewis makes a point of the absolute reality of heavenly things. Meanwhile, his descriptions of the ghosts and Grey Town symbolize the futilenessRead More The Manifestation of Pride in The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis1271 Words   |  6 PagesThe Manifestation of Pride in The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis suggests that choices made on earth have a consequential effect towards our acceptance into heaven or our plummet into hell. In this book pride manifests itself in a hundred subtle ways as souls whine about perceived injustices or irrational motives. Thankfully, a few tourists do humble themselves, become transformed into marvelously real beings, and remain in heaven. But most dont, about which the greatRead MoreParadise Lost Themes1501 Words   |  7 PagesAnglophonic literary canon. One of the reasons that the epic poem is so great is Milton’s uncompromisingly energetic approach in dealing with ideas and images. Milton writes about ideas and images by contrasting them with their opposites; showing Heaven through Hell, the sacrosanct through the somatic, and the obedient through the belligerent. This magnetic style allows the reader to attain a deeper level of understanding about the theological and philosophical claims that Milton makes by of fering a counterpointRead MoreThe Great Divorce and The Divine Comedy3095 Words   |  13 Pagesimpacted is C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce. Lewis’s book is greatly indebted to Dante’s work, as both try to teach the reader how to achieve salvation. Furthermore, Lewis and Dante’s protagonists discover the path to salvation through choices, and learning what causes one’s refusal of God. Both authors explore the path to righteousness and enquire about life’s most difficult questions. Therefore, the dialogue between Dante’s Divine Comedy and C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce is witnessed through the conceptionRead MoreTraditions vs. Personal Values: Everyone Wants to Belong Essay664 Words   |  3 Pagesdevelop mental diseases. Cultural background can be a major obstacle for both age groups. Usha and her adopted Uncle Pranab Kaku from the story Hell-Heaven by Jhumpa Lahiri are prime examples. Both cross the boundaries of integrat ing into a society that differs from what their culture stems from. Such boundaries are social status and traditions. Usha, as a young girl from Calcutta, India, has trouble integrating with American society due in part to the deep ingraining of her parents strict code of

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Strategic Marketing Plan for Reading Cinemas Essay

October 4 2013 Executive summary The selected company, Reading Cinemas, is looking to ultimately strengthen its competitive position within the market place over the course of the next three to five years. A market analysis was first taken out on Reading Courtenay; one cinema under the Reading brand name situated in Wellington. From this analysis, it became apparent that the Internet was one of the company’s largest competitors. Upon further research, the problem revealed to be at such a large level, one single cinema would not be able to control it alone. The view for the marketing plan had to be changed and instead would now support a company-wide view. After the view change, a concise market analysis was taken out on†¦show more content†¦Worldwide, Reading International resides nearly 4 million square feet of land and buildings (Reading International, 2013). Looking at where the company is in the market place, the cinema exhibition business segment has reached maturity (Reading International, 2013). Reading International will be looking towards improving their current cinemas to achieve more growth as well as developing niche-type of cinemas in selected markets and also procuring additional properties that contain existing cinemas. The objective behind these strategies is to attract more customers. Currently, Reading International targets several key groups of consumers by running various promotions across each country; school children are targeted with the ‘Early Bird’ promotion, students are targeted with ‘Terrific Tuesday’, working professionals with ‘Friday Flicks’, couples with ‘Steer Beer’ restaurant ‘combo’ deals, families with ‘Spit the Dummy’, elderly with senior discounts, and general movie enthusiasts can sign up for the ‘Reel Club’. It appears that these consumers have been segmented on the basis of demographic grouping. What Reading International needs to be aware of however, is that there is a whole new generation of consumers that will have an effect upon how Reding International’s customers should be grouped over the next couple of years. This generation is known as the Net-Generation (N-Gen), and shouldShow MoreRelatedBlockbuster Case Essay1919 Words   |  8 Pages | 1. What role has Netflix played in the development of Blockbuster’s strategic planning? How important is Netflix to Blockbuster’s future strategic plans? Before answering this question ,I would like to highlight that It s clear after reading the case that blockbuster main problem was making strategic plan without considering its scorecard as they never anticipated change or tried to early explore strategic alternatives and they never examined consumer or competitive responses. In aRead MoreMarketing Communication Creative Brief and Imc Plan7937 Words   |  32 Pagesof Marketing Problem or Opportunity 5 2.1 Marketing Problem 5 2.2 Marketing Opportunity 5 3. Marketing Objectives 5 4. Positioning 6 5. Communication Objectives 7 6. Campaign Budget 8 6.1 Budgeted Costs 9 7. Campaign Target Audience 11 7.1 Brand Loyalty 11 7.2 Creative Targets 12 7.3 Behavioural Sequence Model (BSM) 13 8. Choice of Media 14 8.1 Traditional Advertising 14 i. TV Commercials 14 ii. Magazines for Young Women (Print Advertisements) 14 iii. Commercials in Cinemas 15Read MoreMarketing Communication Creative Brief and Imc Plan7930 Words   |  32 PagesContent Page Executive Summary 3 1. Situation Analysis 3 1.1 Internal Analysis 3 1.2 External Analysis 4 1.3 SWOT 4 2. Identification of Marketing Problem or Opportunity 5 2.1 Marketing Problem 5 2.2 Marketing Opportunity 5 3. Marketing Objectives 5 4. Positioning 6 5. Communication Objectives 7 6. Campaign Budget 8 6.1 Budgeted Costs 9 7. Campaign Target Audience 11 7.1 Brand Loyalty 11 7.2 Creative Targets 12 7.3 Behavioural Sequence Model (BSM) 13 8. ChoiceRead MoreMark3333840 Words   |  16 PagesMark333; Marketing Communications amp; Advertising Study Notes Autumn Session Advertising:- a paid, mediated form of communication from an identifiable source, designed to persuade the receiver to take some action, now or in the future Roles of Advertising * Communication amp; Persuasion * Brand Equity * Brand Image * Relationship Marketing Classifications of Advertising Consumers * National Advertising * Retail/local advertising * Primary vs Selective DemandRead MoreMba Outline16812 Words   |  68 PagesContent Delivery Indicative Reading List Lecture Sequence 6-8 Sample Questions 9-16 Information Systems Management Module Description 17 Learning Outcomes 17 Indicative Content 17 Delivery 18 Indicative Reading List 18 Lecture Sequence 19-20 Sample Questions 21-24 Managing Human Capital Module Description 25 Learning Outcomes 25 Indicative Content 25 2 Delivery 25 Indicative Reading List 26 Lecture Sequence 27-28 Sample Questions 29-30 Assignment 31 Marketing Management Module DescriptionRead MoreStrategic Marketing Plan of Frito-Lay3370 Words   |  14 PagesIslamabad, Pakistan Anindita Mukherjee Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer Frito-Lay North America 7701 Legacy Dr, Plano, TX Dear Ms. Anindita Mukherjee, We are pleased to submit you the report you requested on September 21, 2012. The report is entitled â€Å"Strategic Marketing Plan for Frito-Lay†. This report provides information of current and potential target market for Frito-Lay. This document consists and concentrates on the existing marketing strategies and recommends strategies to improve the currentRead MoreHmv Market Environment2711 Words   |  11 PagesINTRODUCTION After a rapid development over the past 10 years, the music market is currently undergoing significant changes. These changes are caused not only by marketing competition but also by the challenges from external marketing environment. The entertainment industry kept growing for years and as the business grew, the competition also increased. There has also been an increase in the sales of music online. Selling online made it cheaper for customers and as a result many preferred to buyRead MoreStrategies Adopted in the International Market the Case of Ikea in France11879 Words   |  48 Pagesconcept. This issue is of importance because it provides information for the reader who would like to know how a company can be export all over the world by adapting its policy to the local specificities. It identifies and gives explanations about the marketing strategies implemented to export the IKEA concept to the French market. The research was conducted using the case study method. It is based on primary and secondary data. Secondary data collected from IKEA ´s brochures and survey research resultsRead MoreTesco Marketing3555 Words   |  15 PagesINTRODUCTION Marketing is essentially a matching process between the needs and expectations of customers, and the organization’s ability and capacity to satisfy them. One of the main points of this process is the marketing planning. The purpose of marketing planning and its principal focus are the identification and creation of competitive advantage. Marketing planning is the planned application of marketing resources to achieve marketing objectives. In other words, it is the written documentRead MoreSales and Marketing for Financial Institutions80443 Words   |  322 PagesFIN235 sales and marketing for financial institutions Master of Applied Finance INTRODUCTION TOPIC 1 TOPIC 2 TOPIC 3 TOPIC 4 TOPIC 5 TOPIC 6 TOPIC 7 TOPIC 8 TOPIC 9 INTRODUCTION DISCLAIMER These materials are issued by Kaplan Higher Education on the understanding that: 1. Kaplan Higher Education and individual contributors are not responsible for the results of any action taken on the basis of information in these materials, nor for

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Motorcycle Helmet Usage Free Essays

The use of helmets in the United States is a highly controversial topic. The government has enacted and then repealed laws intended to uphold state helmet laws twice. Currently, regulation laws vary state to state. We will write a custom essay sample on Motorcycle Helmet Usage or any similar topic only for you Order Now Twenty states have comprehensive helmet laws. Seven states require riders under the age of twenty to wear a helmet, while 19 states require riders under the age of eighteen to wear one. Only three states, Colorado, Illinois, and Iowa, have no helmet regulation whatsoever. Motorcyclists protest their personal freedom, while others complain about the tax burden and higher insurance rates. Motorcycles account for less than 2% of all registered vehicles in the United States and 0.4% of all vehicle miles traveled. Unfortunately, riders account for more than 9% of all traffic deaths. Over the past ten years motorcycle related deaths have increased by about 89%. The motorcycle is both the most fuel efficient and the most hazardous highway vehicle there is. More than 2,500 motorcycle riders die in the United States each year, and over 60,000 are injured as a result of an accident. In general, riders and non riders seem to agree that it is obvious that a helmet can reduce the chance of brain injury and death. However, some believe helmets are more likely to cause an accident in the first place. Helmets limit hearing and peripheral vision capabilities which make it difficult for riders to be fully aware of what’s going on around them. The weight of the helmet, combined with hot weather can cause a sense of claustrophobia resulting in anxiety and dizziness. It is likely in these types of situations there is an increase in the chance of an accident. It is also possible to become paralyzed because of a helmet during a crash, under the right circumstances. This leaves some riders to believe there are similar risks whether they wear a helmet or not and they should be able to choose between to two. Some riders simply feel that helmets are uncomfortable and bulky, and it should be their own decision whether or not they want to wear one. And to others, they perceive the use of a helmet as â€Å"uncool†, which is enough justification for them. Contrary to some beliefs, a study by the National Public Services Research Institute concluded that the use of a motorcycle helmet does not interfere with the driver’s capability to hear or see what is going on around them.  Data collected by the National Highway Traffic Administration regarding motorcycle accidents in states where there is only a helmet law for minors indicates this type of helmet law is more difficult to enforce. The data showed that less that 40% of minors killed in crashes were wearing helmets, even though it was required by law. When a catastrophic accident has occurred, the financial burden is usually placed upon private insurers or the state. So in a state where there are multiple head injuries due to motorcycle accidents which require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, tax payers and others who carry insurance are financially affected. As a result, a number of people do support enforcing the helmet regulation laws since they feel directly impacted. The Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (CODES) conducted an analysis of three states with the universal helmet laws and three states without. The inpatient charges for brain injury were double the cost in the states without the universal helmet laws. Numerous studies have concluded that motorcycle crash victims who were not wearing helmets are less likely to have insurance than crash victims who were wearing helmets. Others are less concerned with the financial burden, and more concerned with the psychological impact of witnessing a gruesome disaster, or having a friend or family member die in such a manner. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (NHTSA) head injury is the number one cause of death in motorcycle accidents. A survey conducted in 1998 concluded that 46% of fatally injured motorcyclists were not wearing helmets. The NHTSA estimates that helmets diminish the possibility of death by 29% in a crash. In 1989, six states enacted a law requiring the use of helmets. All six have seen a reduction in deaths from motorcycle accidents since then. In 1980, motorcycle rider fatalities reached a record high of 5,144. By 1990 the numbers had decreased to 3,244. For the year of 1997 there were only 2,116, an all time low.  Other research indicates that helmet laws significantly decreases fatality rates, saves taxpayer’s money, decreases money lost due to missed work, and reduces the severity of head injuries. A study carried out in California showed that during the first four years after the elimination of the federal sanctions, motorcycle deaths increased by 61% while motorcycle registration increased only by 15%. In Hawaii, research conducted by the Department of Transportation showed that motorcyclists are three times more probable to suffer a traumatic brain injury as a result of a motorcycle crash.  The accuracy of statistical information is questionable. It has shown to be difficult to retrieve financial and medical information due to privacy rights and a lack of data. More information has been successfully collected from surviving crash victims than ones who did not survive. There may also be other contributing factors to these accidents besides the fact they weren’t wearing helmets. Different weather and the length of the riding season can have a significant impact on the varying statistics. Other alternatives to reducing the number of fatalities have been suggested. Riders tend to be more supportive of raising safety awareness and mandating education before obtaining a license, since it is common for motorcyclists to learn to ride without any type of education.  In Japan, the new motorcycle riders may start off with the smallest sized motorcycle, and after a set amount of time they are allowed to graduate to a larger motorcycle. If similar regulations were mandated in the United Sates, the number of fatalities could decrease without helmet laws. Some place the blame on inattentive automobile drivers. It is common to see automobile drivers talking on their cell phone, eating, drinking, etc. Distracted drivers are less likely to use blinkers and potentially more likely to hit a motorcyclist they did not notice previously. An emphasis on defensive driving because of these types of disasters in driver education could help promote safety and reduce motorcycle-related injuries. Small incentives could help promote the use of motorcycle helmets, rather than a mandatory law. For example, a reduction in the cost of motorcycle insurance for wearing a helmet might be beneficial. Some motorcycle stores have been known to give away free helmets, or offer to install free two-way communicators in them in hopes to encourage the use of helmets. While the majority of the public seems to support a mandatory helmet law, the majority of actual motorcycle riders support freedom of choice. There are good arguments supporting both sides. This is a highly debatable topic similar to one’s right to risk dying of lung cancer because they choose to smoke. It is highly unlikely a compromise will be made that is deemed reasonable by both sides. Works Cited Department of Motor Vehicles. Helmets: A Matter of Choice? 5 December 2006   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚ SMS Research Marketing Services, Inc. March 2004. Motorcycle Helmets   Ã‚   Integration Report. 5 December 2006.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   ets/motorcycle-intergration.pdf SMS Research Marketing Services, Inc. January 2004. Executive Highlights. 6   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   December 2006.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   ets/motorcycle-focusgroups.pdf    How to cite Motorcycle Helmet Usage, Essay examples

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Agile V. Waterfall free essay sample

The Fall of Waterfall. Intelligent Enterprise 7. 3, 40-41. Adams, John (2013). Change in Software Techniques Helps FHLB Reduce Defects. American Banker, Technology Section, Volume 178 No. 3. I. Agile v. Waterfall Agile Development Methods (Agile) and the Waterfall Method (Waterfall) are two different styles of designing and managing the Soft Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) within an organization. Waterfall being the more traditional approach and Agile newly born just twelve years ago, there is much debate over which approach works best and when. Companies have used Waterfall for decades of successful projects and in most companies the approach has been ingrained into the very fabric of the company. The organization of teams and human resources in information technology (IT) can be anywhere from loosely to entirely based on the method that the organization is using. More and more organizations are starting to see the advantages of Agile now and are questioning older methods almost entirely because of the fast-paced business world of the twenty-first century. Agile allows an organization to respond to that change more quickly without sacrificing quality work or customer satisfaction. Waterfall, on the other hand, with its precise planning can offer better time management and money savings. In a fast-paced society where the time it takes to bring a product to market could mean the difference between success and failure, Agile is making its way into more and more organizations everyday. And, everyday more and more of these organizations are struggling with the change that is required to adopt Agile methods as well as the woes that this fast-paced development style introduce to the organization. II. What is Waterfall Waterfall is the classical system development model. The model of software development hones its ideas from the manufacturing world. It is based on a step-by-step approach to creating products from the conceptual phase to implementation and maintenance. Waterfall focuses its development strategy on the distinct phases of a project: concept, design, implementation, testing, installation, and maintenance. In larger organizations and on larger scale projects these phases of production are often handled by different people and even different teams. Using Waterfall, the concept phase of a project tends to be the single most important phase. This is the step during which the development team gathers and analyses its customer’s needs and documents the problem that the software solution is expected to solve. The documentation and analysis needs to be precise, in depth and even flawless because once the phase is complete there is no turning back—modifications to a project, no matter what phase its in when the modification or change order is received, require that the project fall back to the concept phase. While several techniques such as use cases and customer interviews are used to gather this information the results of the analysis and requirements gathering that are carried out in this phase are typically relayed to the next phase in the form of a formal document. This document serves as the sole resource for the team who handles the second phase: design. Design entails actually making determinations as to exactly how a team intends to in later phases execute the solution. This is when platforms, programming languages, data storage methodology, equipment types, standards and graphical user interface decisions are made. Design also entails other high-level project decisions on ideas such as how security will be handled and resource management. The design step delivers its decisions on these matters, commonly know as the design specifications to the third phase: implementation. Implementation is very simply put the execution of the requirements in the design specifications document. During this phase, developers actually write the code that makes the software system work. Hardware specialists similarly setup the equipment and hardware that are necessary for the solution. The application is developed, debugged and tested against the design document and once it passes muster, the product is handed off to the next phase: testing. Testing is often handled by a quality assurance team. The team upon taking delivery of the product refers back to the documents created during conception and ensures that all of the requirements are satisfied by the solution. This team documents the project and uses business cases or test cases to determine whether the solution actually is the complete solution and whether or not it actually works in its entirety. This team generally hands off the functioning solution, its documentation and a user manual to the next phase: installation. An installation or delivery team then hands the product over to the customer. This team also often provides formal training to the end-user. Delivery is followed by maintenance. Maintenance of a product usually includes end-user support, debugging of system flaws that are discovered after delivery, and change requests. If Waterfall is executed to the letter of its design, there will be no overlap between the separate phases of the project. Clearly defined timelines for each step are known at the onset of the project and serve as milestones for progress during development. The requirements in a well executed Waterfall project will be so very detailed of point driven that little time is wasted in later phases on things like re-writing blocks of code or back-and-forth’s that question ambiguity in understanding on the developers part. It is a tried and true and has advantages such as minimal wasted time and easy handover—handover of the project or a part of a project in waterfall can be a very smooth process because of all of the documentation that is produced in the analysis and design phases of the project. The documentation can even smooth over team-member attrition. III. What is Agile Agile Software Development is an umbrella for a particular style of development methods that focus on self-organization or cross-functional teams to develop smaller packages of a product more quickly than has been traditionally done. The basis for all of these methods is The Agile Manifesto (www. agilemanifesto. org). The author of the manifesto argues that working software, delivered in small packages, delivered in shorter timeframes (weeks not months) by teams who are self-organized and able to communicate freely throughout the process with both the customer and other stakeholders can respond to change and deliver a more effective approach to software development in the volatile business world today. The manifesto declares that individuals and interactions are more important than processes and that following a design document is not as necessary as having the ability to change quickly. Agile’s focus is on a rhythmic continuity in the lifecycle of a project. The packages that are delivered tend to be broken down into timeframes as small as a week and generally not more than four weeks long. Customers receive working software continuously and the project is more of a living, breathing software that can overtime change to meet the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace. Agile teams meet frequently, as often as daily to discuss status and approach. Teams focus on reusing code blocks and making decisions about platforms and languages as necessary and with a better chance that standards and new technologies won’t change or become outdated before delivery takes place. IV. Which is the better way? The question so many teams and organizations are debating regularly these days is ‘which is better Agile or Waterfall? ’. Both Waterfall and Agile offer benefits and shortcomings and neither can be called universally better or universally out-of-date. The decision must be made based on each organization’s and each project’s circumstances. Team size can be a significant factor. Waterfall methodology is hard to manage with a small team. Waterfall relies on division of responsibilities and in very small teams this may result in an overwhelming workload for team members. Time to market with Waterfall; however, is longer whereas Agile methods can get product to market quicker so if time is a very high priority Agile may be the methodology to use. Indiana University documented a case in which its own IT Training and Education (ITTE) department underwent the change from its previous standard Waterfall approach to an Agile methodology. The team started questioning its approach to development of training materials first when its materials started becoming obsolete before they were even delivered. The team found itself being tasked to develop and deliver training materials for a product that it saw as a â€Å"moving target†. It quickly became clear that the old Waterfall methodology would not work given the rapidly changing requirements. The situation required more constant contact with the stakeholders and that the team be able to deliver consistently changing and updated training materials as the system it was training on was an ever-changing system itself. ITTE faced problems in the transition. One such hurdle was changing the mindset of its customer. The team’s customer had grown used to having ITTE deliver large Waterfall sized training packages on static, tried and true, well planned, designed, thought-out and fully-functional software systems. The overhaul of it Course Management System (CMS) was, however, being updated constantly and the customer often expressed feeling of being Beta Testers rather than end users. In addition, ITTE’s own team members struggled with the behavioral changes that were necessary to adapt in order to make a more Agile model of development work for the team. Communications amongst team members, for example, became more necessary on a more frequent basis. The team also faced the task of training users on a system that was not fully functional. Users were, at times, resistant to the change themselves and found confusion in the fact that incomplete software was being delivered. The users were as accustomed to receiving fully functional systems and training as the ITTE team was used to delivering. ITTE also soon learned it necessary to assign team members exclusively to this project. In the past, the team’s Waterfall approach had allowed resources to be more spread out, whereas with the new Agile approach team members were so consistently involved with the living project that they were necessarily exclusively assigned to the CMS project. With all of the challenges that it faced, ITTE concluded that the change in methodology improved its reputation with the customer. More frequent face time and feedback response made the customer happier. It also concluded that, as a team, ITTE was able to produce more products cheaper, faster and more efficiently using its new approach to the SDLC. A single case, however, can’t be used to make a determination for the next company facing this decision. The fact is the right approach to software development is the approach that works best on a case-by-case basis. While Waterfall may still be the best approach for fixed-price, fixed-scope, short-term projects, Agile may be better suited to a project where the scope is expected to creep because of a changing marketplace. And there are teams that have even begun applying Agile methodologies to a Waterfall approach and vice versa. So perhaps the appropriate approach for an organization is to not decide on one or the other for the organization but to embrace both Agile and Waterfall methodologies and to learn to apply each appropriately.